From learning how to navigate campus, to figuring out where your classes are and how to get there on time, to trying to make new friends from a sea of strangers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the start of term. Luckily there are little things that you can start doing now that can help you get your bearings and stay on track! Here is your checklist for a great year ahead. 

1 - Get familiar with what’s on campus

Week of Welcome and Fall Clubs Fair might be a celebration of the start of the year, but they’re also a great opportunity to learn more about the services that are here to help you succeed, the opportunities available to help you grow, and campus clubs that can help you make friends and build transferable skills. 

You can also literally get familiar with UAlberta’s North Campus and your Students’ Union Building through virtual tours so you can have an easier time finding those tricky classrooms or that random office your prof sends you to.

If you want to get familiar with what’s happening on campus AND get some free stuff for your trouble, you could join the fun on the UASU Perks app! With this app you collect points for attending campus events, sharing your voice on advocacy surveys, and more. Then you can redeem those points for prizes like Steam game codes, UASU swag, gift cards, coffee for a month, laptops, and even gaming consoles. 

2 - Lock down your campus commute

For your commute TO campus, you’ll need an Arc Card to access transit in the greater Edmonton area. You’ll also need to link that Arc Card to the UAlberta U-Pass App so that your U-Pass fees can be applied. You can read more about Arc Cards here. You can also use the ETS Transit app to plan which routes will get you here and when. 

As far as commuting ON campus, many buildings on UAlberta’s North Campus are connected in some way (like pedways) which can help you get across campus faster/warmer/drier than being outside. And if your class is really far away, you could try renting a bike from the Sustain SU Bike Library to help you get across campus in those short 10 minutes.

3 - Stay in the know

Checking your UAlberta email regularly is a MUST. This is the #1 way that the University, your profs, your student groups, or your Students’ Union will contact you during your time at the U of A. If you feel like checking your UAlberta email on top of your regular inbox is too much, email platforms typically make it easy to forward messages from one inbox to another.

You can also stay informed by getting to know the University Calendar for important dates, deadlines, and program requirements. We include the most common ones in the free UASU handbook that you can pick up during Week of Welcome, but there may be more specific ones for your program. (PS - You can download our September at-a-glance calendar below for your desktop, tablet, or phone!)

Finally, it’s a good idea to actually read your syllabus. It’s your course outline, your deadlines, your professor’s expectations, and more. If the syllabus doesn’t include your prof’s office hours, it’s also a good idea to ask what they are so you can book a visit if you ever need to review assignments, clarify issues, or talk about your grades.

4 - Look after yourself

Both the University and your Students’ Union offer many services to help you stay on top of your physical and mental well-being through the year. It can be overwhelming to know which resource is the one you need, but the UASU Cares online tool can help make it easier to connect you to the right resource (both on and off campus) for your situation.

It’s also a great idea to get to know what’s covered in your Studentcare Health & Dental plan. In addition to health, vision, dental, and travel coverage, your health plan also includes access to 24/7 mental health and wellness support through Empower Me.

We hope this checklist helps you have a great year full of new friends, new opportunities, and good health!


Here's your September 2023 at-a-glance wallpaper for desktop, tablet, and phone to help you stay in the know this month:
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