Need an Arc Card to access transit in the Edmonton area this year? Here are a few things you need to know. 

*If you’re a NEW student registered for New Student Orientation, check your email for additional information.

*For any other students who DON’T already have an Arc Card: KEEP READING! 

The cost of a new Arc Card is $6. Arc Card Vending Machines (at LRT stations) and retailers will also require a minimum fare load of $4. Arc Cards can also be purchased at SUBmart in the Students’ Union Building with the additional, minimum fare preload, for a total cost of $10.

While this $4 preloaded fare is refundable and does not expire, you will need to go in-person to a service centre to receive your cash or credit refund.

Arc Cards can also be purchased online at MyArc without the minimum fare preload, however they can take 5-10 business days to be mailed out.

After you pick up your Arc Card you must register it in the UAlberta U-Pass App to activate your U-Pass. This is the University of Alberta site where your Arc Card will verify your enrollment. Please note that you are only able to connect the reloadable plastic Arc Cards to the U-Pass app, not the paper tickets.

We also recommend registering your Arc Card on MyArc to connect it to the City of Edmonton’s database so it can be protected if lost or stolen.

On both of these sites, you will need to submit your account number (found on the back of the Arc card) and the 3-digit pin (found on the front of the Arc card).

When using your Arc Card/U-Pass, you must also have your ONEcard as both are required if you are requested to show proof of payment.

While waiting for your U-Pass to be activated, Edmonton Transit Services will accept your ONEcard, your official University of Alberta student ID (also available for pickup at New Student Orientation) as valid access onto any public transit between September 2-8, 2023. 

You can find more information here:

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