IRL Clubs Fair may be returning to Quad (finally!), but Virtual Clubs Fair is coming to a screen near you for the second year in a row. We’re offering both clubs and curious students alike more flexibility, so whether you’re away from Edmonton or just feel more comfortable browsing from your bedroom, you can find the perfect club for you!

Where and when is Virtual Clubs Fair anyways?

Virtual Clubs Fair will be hosted on BearsDen, the platform where all of our student groups come together. From September 1st-3rd and 7th-10th, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, BearsDen will transform and become the fair itself—just make sure you’re logged in with your CCID to access most of the features. If you need help during the fair, there will be Student Group Services staff at the virtual help desk during operating hours!

When you visit a group’s page, you’ll either be directed to a virtual meeting link (this could be Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, etc) or a contact form. If you head into a virtual meeting, get ready to be wooed by our amazing student groups. Some great questions to ask them include:

  • What is the time commitment when it comes to joining?

  • What would I get to do in the club? 

  • Does it cost money to join? How much? 

  • When/where/how often does your club get together? 

  • What kinds of leadership opportunities are there? 

Make sure to check out the group’s website and social media if they have any! And if you aren’t 100% set on joining, that’s okay! Ask if you can attend some events before you seal the deal.

Why should you attend Virtual Clubs Fair?

In person clubs fair might be the tried and true method, but Virtual Clubs Fair has its perks too!

  • With no associated cost and no space restrictions, all of our clubs at the University of Alberta could sign up to “table” at virtual clubs fair, which means you might meet some great groups you otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to

  • If you’re not on campus during the first week of classes, for whatever reason, you can still learn about different clubs and potentially join one

  • If you’re really busy the first week of classes, virtual clubs fair runs the second week as well, giving you more opportunities to meet student groups

  • If you like the idea of chatting over Discord or Zoom with new people rather than roaming around Quad, the virtual fair is perfect for you

Who will be at Virtual Clubs Fair?

Any of the registered student groups at the University of Alberta can sign up, so you’ll get the chance to meet clubs from all sorts of different areas. Here are a few of them:

  • Culture and faith-based organizations 

  • General interest groups

  • Greek organizations

  • Interdisciplinary clubs

  • Sports teams

On top of all the great clubs you can meet, you can also get UASU Perks points! UASU Perks is your own dashboard where you can earn points—completing surveys, attending events (like Virtual Clubs Fair!), sharing your thoughts, and so much more—you can redeem for awesome prizes, swag and gift cards! RSVP for Virtual Clubs Fair today on BearsDen.