Welcome to the Student Group Services blog—it’s back, and better than ever, in its new home on The Flame! I'm Jillian and I'll be writing the Student Group Services (SGS) blog this year along with Nicole Cari and the rest of the SGS team! 

As a second year student, and a coordinator with SGS, I know personally how hard it can be to find all of the information out there about how to get involved and what resources are out there for clubs.  It’s clear that this year will be filled with changes; for many students, myself included, that will involve being on campus for the first time! Both my and Nicole’s goal this year to help ease all of that confusion—and we’re starting with the blog! We want this to be a go-to for students looking to get involved in campus but are not too sure where to start. 

Articles will be posted every two weeks on Tuesdays! You will also be able to see extra pieces being posted as a part of a special series, these posts will do a more in-depth dive into one specific topic over multiple articles. 

This year we are going to be covering a wide variety of topics to give you the inside scoop on how student groups work on campus! You’ll get to meet our Student Group Services team and learn more about what we do, as well as seeing what our return to campus is going to look like. We will also be posting interviews with select clubs on campus, these will be a great way to learn more about how they operate and what their goals for the year are. Overall, we want to make sure that all of your questions about clubs are being answered, so make sure to keep an eye on The Flame for new updates!

Beyond all of our regular blog posts, In August we’re going to have a month-long Club’s Fair special! This will be a six-part series delving into all of the nooks and crannies of Fall Clubs Fair 2021 to give key information to students and clubs alike. Keep an eye out for articles specifically for clubs about how to register and prepare, and articles for students telling you what the heck clubs fair even is! We will be answering key questions like: what will the fair look like this year? And what should I be bringing? Make sure to check back all throughout August to get answers for all of your burning questions.

On a more personal note, I am so excited to start posting articles for all of you! As a first year student during the pandemic I wanted so badly to get involved on campus but just didn’t know how. I know that I was far from the only one who felt this way and I can’t wait to help others find their community within the University!