From tuition concerns, to more inclusive campus spaces, to sharing student voices, your UASU Execs got a lot done in October. Keep reading learn more about what they've been up to!

Christian, UASU President
Keeping an eye on tuition
-The proposed domestic tuition increase is 2% based on Alberta's 2023 Budget. Our goal is to keep education as affordable as possible, especially in the face of rising living costs and the potential for stagflation in Canada.

-We’re working alongside the International Students’ Association to outline our concerns and secure extra support as needed when the International Student tuition proposal is brought forward.
-We’re hoping to organize town halls, and focus groups to hear directly from you where the pressure points are of cost of living, and what areas of the quality of your education need better support.

Policy-making for program changes 
We've been hard at work establishing principles, guidelines, and expectations for University, faculty, and administration consultations with students on program changes and enhancing the student experience.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee 
The UASU Strategic Plan Steering Committee is connecting with students to collect your valuable insights on how you think your Students’ Union can improve and expand to make your student experience genuinely amazing.

Tracking gender equity in governance
Data trend update! Around 63% of UAlberta undergrads are women and gender minorities. Over the past decade, women and gender minorities have accounted for 48% of Students' Council members and 40% of UASU Executives, a significant increase from the 30% and 18% in the previous decade. There's more work ahead, and we're committed to building on this positive change!

Levi, Vice President Operations & Finance
Creating a student discount resource to save you money
We're creating a list of student discounts from retailers, businesses, museums, and more. This handy guide can help you save money and enjoy budget-friendly activities as a student! We're working hard to include these discounts in the upcoming website update. Stay tuned for more!

Presented at the SRA Summit
We're thrilled to have presented at this year's Student Representative Association (SRA) Summit! Collaborating with the executive team, we provided student leaders with vital skills and tools for effective advocacy. We're committed to ensuring this trend continues year after year, passing on essential skills from one student generation to the next.

Raising user-friendliness at Dewey's
Efforts are in progress to design a more user-friendly restroom facility in Dewey’s!

Chris, Vice President External
Edmonton Zoning Bylaw renewal passed 11-2
Our dynamic student leaders, including the President, VPEx, and VPOpsFi, played a pivotal role at the zoning bylaw meeting. They joined forces with passionate student representatives from the Edmonton Student Alliance and fellow students who stood in support of the bylaw. This decision paves the way for long-term improvements in density and student housing in Edmonton.

Advocating for you at the provincial level via CAUS
The Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) is hard at work to ensure student voices are heard at the provincial level. We're addressing crucial issues like affordability, sexual violence prevention, and advocating for student-centric provincial budget submissions. As we prepare for Advocacy Week, we're excited to engage with government officials in intensive meetings, all aimed at advancing student issues.

Protecting your access to academic materials
Copyright advocacy continues! This month we continued to meet with MPs to discuss the Educational Fair Dealing clause in the Copyright Act which protects YOUR access to academic materials for free. Making sure that we fight any efforts to make textbooks cost more is a priority for your executive.

Boosting your student voice on national news media
We have been working hard to engage with the media and tell student stories. This month, Chris was able to talk to CTV National, Radio Canada, and CBC’s Radioactive about Alberta student loan delays, issues affecting academic teaching staff, and updates to the International student application process.

Pedro, Vice President Academic
Increasing your savings and bettering your library experience
Thanks to UASU's advocacy efforts with the Library, a direct outreach campaign is underway to reach out to instructors who utilize the library's existing resources. This initiative translates to increased use of open-source materials in more classes and more savings for you!

Advocating student views on proposed Academic Materials Program
Ongoing discussions are in progress between the University and UASU about the proposed Academic Materials Program (AMP). In a significant development, student members from the AMP advisory committee have been requested to present the UASU's standpoint.

Addressing critical issues at the SRA Summit
The third annual Student Representative Association (SRA) Summit has been a success! Over the course of two days, 18 SRAs came together to equip student leaders with valuable knowledge and skills for effective advocacy. This event also served as a collaborative platform to collectively address critical campus-wide issues.

Making official forms more inclusive
We've partnered with the University to tackle inclusivity concerns within University forms and portals, with the aim of improving forms to better accommodate non-binary students. There's more work ahead, and we'll keep you informed! If you come across any areas that could be made more equitable, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Michael, Vice President Student Life
Fundraising for SRAs
Incredible results from the Edmonton Elks Campus Clash event! The U of A sold 1190 tickets, making up around 44% of total sales. Thanks to a $2 rebate we negotiated, our participating Student Representative Associations (SRAs) will collectively earn $2380 in fundraising, or ~ $300 each.

Family Corner now open for students who parent
The Rutherford Library Family Corner is OPEN to provide a welcoming space for students who are parents. It offers private lactation pods, comfy seating, changing tables, study stations, toys, and more. Please visit the Family Corner website for further updates, and a big shoutout to everyone who made this project a reality!

Total smoking ban averted
The campus-wide smoking ban motion failed at General Faculties Council, thanks to our collaborative efforts alongside the Indigenous Students' Union. This decision truly reflects the voices and diverse needs of our student community, marking a significant victory. Your voices are powerful, and we're here to make sure they're heard.

Student panel hosted on mental health and self-care
On World Mental Health Day, we teamed up with Days of Action from Wellness Supports to host the Student Panel event. Students led a candid discussion about their mental health journeys and self-care. We tackled crucial topics like fighting stigma and seeking help. We're excited to be a part of more events in the future, bringing students, staff, and faculty together to celebrate and support our campus community.

Bringing your input to the Student Experience Action Plan
Collaborating closely with the University on the Student Experience Action Plan (SEAP) initiative, Michael is focused on improving the student experience based on student and community input. We're grateful for this commitment to prioritize student needs and will continue to bring these into the Action Plan.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out to your Execs!

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