October has been Sustainability Month at your UASU, so what better time to talk about the changes we’ve made to your SUB living room and the Daily Grind to improve their sustainability and accessibility? Here’s an overview of the upgrades:

The SUB living room

The most noticeable change in the SUB living room might be the furniture revamp. This space should be a comfortable place for sharing and hanging out, so the changes to the living room prioritize accessibility, cleanliness, ergonomics and sustainability. Our goal is to offer a variety of spaces in the SUB living room so that everyone can find their perfect fit.

The SUB living room should be an environment that reduces stress, so we incorporated elements of biophilic design in our upgrades as much as possible. This is the concept that people work better when connected to nature. With this in mind, we repainted the living room white to enhance the natural light in the space. We also chose natural, earthy tones for the upholstered furniture. Finally, we included wood or similar wood-look elements to help make that connection to nature alongside the rock-like exposed concrete, and the beloved fireplace.

Instead of buying new pieces, we refurbished and reupholstered the soft seating with sustainable textiles that are easier to clean and more durable. We also re-introduced bean bag chairs to give students another option for comfortable seating in the SUB Atrium. The new bean bags are UV-resistant and double-lined for easier cleaning and longevity. The new wood grain laminate tables and ergonomic plastic chairs are built to last, and the square tables allow larger groups to push them together for more comfortable group work. We also added art from our existing collection around the living room for visual interest. Old furniture pieces have been recycled or given new homes with student groups across North Campus.

We’re not finished with our upgrades to this student space so be sure to come by the SUB living room regularly to see what’s new!


The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind coffee shop is owned and operated by your UASU which means that all money made here is returned to students through UASU services and projects. The Daily Grind only purchases fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee beans, and has earned UAlberta’s Green Spaces Gold certification for its sustainable practices.

The Daily Grind has undergone major renovations, with more changes to come! An expanded area behind the counter allows the Daily Grind staff to serve students more easily, which improves customer service. When the renovations are complete, the Daily Grind will also have two additional counters on the north (main hallway) and east (Horowitz vestibule) sides for even greater accessibility. The East side of the coffee shop will feature improved seating and gender-neutral washrooms.

These improvements to student spaces in SUB are supported in part by the UASU’s Sustainability & Capital Fund (SCF) which promotes environmental, social and economic sustainability in student spaces. The Horowitz Theatre renovation is also partially funded through SCF. Stay tuned for further updates on the Horowitz Theatre reno as more info is available. 

Do you have a great idea for making campus more sustainable? The SCF Green Fund Grant can help you make it a reality with up to $10,000 in funding to students and student groups per eligible project. The deadline to apply for funding this fall term is November 30.