The UASU is a big organization. It represents all undergrads at the University of Alberta, and advocates for things that are important to students, like predictable tuition and mental health support. The UASU also operates many businesses and services on campus, running a budget of more than $10 million annually, and employing hundreds of staff (many that are students!).

You might already be familiar with some UASU businesses and services like RATT or Safewalk, but there might be others you don't know about. 

1. This is your morning wake-up.

  • Stop by the Daily Grind for coffee, freshly baked treats, or their famous Fogs and lattes. There's a new special every month to try!

2. This is your time off.

  • Kick back and relax at Dewey’s, the licensed lounge of campus. All-day breakfast, billiards, lattes, and plenty of beers on tap.

  • Located on the top floor of SUB, Room at the Top is the perfect place to unwind and take in the incredible views of campus and the Edmonton skyline—alongside affordable food and drinks, including vegan and vegetarian options.

3. This is your event space. 

  • Having an event? You can hold your group's next meeting or event at a Horowitz Events Centre venue—get in touch with them to book, or to learn about available discounts. Catering services offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for any group size, timeframe or budget (and they can deliver across campus!). 

4. This is your snack time.

  • SUBmart is the campus general store on the main floor of SUB, where you can grab a few groceries, a snack, a selection of drug store items and even more.

5. This is your banner. 

  • SUBprint is a full-service printing facility offering everything from large-format printing, to binding services, to getting your next paper or poster printed conveniently and affordably. 

6. This is your answer. 

  • Infolink is able to help with any questions you might have about campus, academic resources, campus programming or just about anything else related to the university. 

7. This is your planet.

  • Sustain SU provides peer-to-peer learning and sustainability initiatives including a bike library, community garden, campus farmers' market (every week starting Sept. 19!) and more.

8. This is your party.

  • UASU Events hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including movies, music, comedy shows, dodgeball games and everything in between.

9. This is your schtick.

  • With more than 400 student groups on campus, Student Group Services can help direct you to groups with similar interests, or help you start your own.

10. This is your way home.

  • Safewalk provides a safe alternative to walking home alone at night. Volunteers will walk and take public transit with you to make sure you get where you need to be safely.

11. This is your mental health. 

  • The Peer Support Centre provides highly trained student volunteers that are available to provide supportive listening and crisis management. No issue is too big or too small.

12. This is your warm welcome.

  • Orientation is your official welcome to the University of Alberta—including campus tours, fun events and opportunities to make new friends. You can celebrate the new school year at Week of Welcome (Sept. 3-6), featuring beer gardens, concerts, free pancake breakfasts, and many other special events.

13. This is your safe space. 

  • The Landing is a student space offering support for gender and sexual diversity, located on the lower level of SUB.

14. This is your time to shine.

  • With more than 90 awards offered each year, the UASU Awards recognizes outstanding students not only for academic work, but for extracurriculars too.