Groceries can add up quickly, and there's nothing worse than getting to the end of the month and realizing you've only got enough left in the bank for a week's worth of Mr. Noodles. The WECAN Food Basket program, now available through the Campus Food Bank, is a resource available to help students stretch their food dollars.

WECAN does a bulk grocery order, distributes the meat and produce to the depot, and you'll be able to pick up your discounted groceries on the third Thursday of the month. You'll typically save between $5 to $15 compared to purchasing groceries yourself, and the Campus Food Bank depot is conveniently located in the Students' Union Building. 

WECAN costs

  • Annual membership fee: $5

  • Meat order (three types of meat): $15

  • Produce order (three types of fruit and three types of vegetables): $10

  • Full order (both meat and produce orders): $25

To sign up, simply visit the Campus Food Bank, located in 1-81 SUB. The deadline to order the September WECAN basket is September 7; orders will be available for pickup on September 20. Visit the Campus Food Bank's website for more information!