Statement from University of Alberta Students’ Union and Moodys Gartner Tax LLP in regards to revoked donations to the University of Alberta.

In light of controversial decisions made by the University of Alberta, several community members have chosen to suspend financial support to the University of Alberta. Students’ understand that many in both the community and among University of Alberta alumni are frustrated by these decisions. 

Many donors have expressed concern about how suspending their financial support will impact students. Regardless of whether an individual or business agrees with the decisions made by the University of Alberta, (including the conferral of an Honorary Degree to David Suzuki) it has been our experience that the donor community does not wish to punish students for decisions over which they have no control. Students go to University to better themselves through education, and financial assistance goes a long way to both reward students for excellence and to support them throughout their education. 

Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP is an example of an organization which chose suspend its financial support from the University of Alberta following these controversies. Moodys Gartner has shown leadership and has offered to redirect the remainder of their gift to the University of Alberta Students’ Union. They are an example of an organization who has unwavering support for students, while, at the same time, disagreeing with decisions made by the institution those students attend. The Students’ Union is proud to announce that they are collaborating with Moodys Gartner to ensure their philanthropic gift supports students directly, as originally intended. Together, we hope other donors will follow Moodys Gartner’s leadership and choose to reinvest their gifts directly to students. 

If you or your organization no longer wishes to support the University of Alberta but does not want to withdraw needed support from students - we encourage you to donate directly to students instead. The University of Alberta Students’ Union operates a charitable foundation, the Student Involvement Endowment Foundation (SIEF), to support student-run student services and provide scholarships. If you want to support students directly through a contribution to SIEF and the Students’ Union, please donate. You can contact the Students’ Union on to set up a donation which is guaranteed to go directly to supporting students.

Marina Banister 
University of Alberta Students’ Union 

Moodys Gartner Tax Law LLP 
780-784-2500 / 403-693-5100