Students now have a larger role in the governing of the Students’ Union. The SU has always been a member driven organization adapting to the demands and desires of a constantly changing membership.  Bill 5, recently passes by Students’ Council, allows for students at large to sit on some Committees of Council. The bill created a framework in which new committees can be created and greatly expanded the topics new committees could be struck to cover. It also clarifies how a committee would be created. 

Under the previous structure, committees solely preformed a duty of Council so Council didn’t have to; the Audit Committee reviews financials and reports to Council on their findings. Due to the functional role of the committees only elected councillors were able to sit on a committee. Now Council could form a cultural diversity committee, where students at large could could be voting members. This committee could recommend items to Council ranging from expanding programming to include more cultural events, upgrades to SUB to enable specific obligations or cultural ceremony, or strategies to create a more inclusive campus. 

"The Students' Union needs to reflect its members - the students. I think that the changes the Students' Council made to the committee structure increases has made it easier for general students to influence our desicions," stated Marina Banister, President of the Students' Union. "I believe that we, both the Union and Council, can do better in reaching out to consult with members and that this new committee structure will add another avenue to achieve just that."